Noise Discipline In Airsoft

 Noise Discipline In Airsoft


Playing airsoft at night or under indoor low light conditions can be a great change of pace. You can experience the action of a gun fight with the highs and lows of watching 38 super ammo for sale  a horror film. To succeed under these conditions, you must practice good noise discipline.

In low light conditions the importance of hearing is increased. Frequent pauses in movement to listen for your opponent and to get a bearing on your team’s position will help insure that you and your team do not become a victim of friendly fire.

In addition to frequent listening stops, you yourself must insure that all equipment is secure and does not generate noise as you move. The metal brackets on your airsoft gun sling and the radio loosely attached to your vest will allow the opposite team to pinpoint you as easily as if you were calling out to them. It is best, before you set out, to jump up and down and listen for noises that you can prevent. Higher frequency noises, such as metal on metal, are much more prone to directional location via sound.

In low light conditions it is usually best to slow your movement down and keep your breathing under control. If your breathing is elevated and forceful your ability to hear is greatly diminished, and you will have to sacrifice crucial time to allow for your breathing to fall back to a level that will not impair your hearing.

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